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  1. Sixty Tales for Sixty Years
  2. Foreword
  3. Introduction: Dr Graeme White
  4. Our History of Guide Dogs
  5. A Guide Dog’s Journey
  6. Finding a way
  7. A New Way of Seeing the World
  8. Making a Real Contribution
  9. Taking Back Control
  10. Bringing Guide Dogs to NSW
  11. Gulliver’s Travels
  12. Fascinating Facts
  13. Breeding the Perfect Guide Dog
  14. Puppy Raising Veterans
  15. Courage Beyond Measure
  16. 60 Years of Life Changing Experiences
  17. An Amazing Achievement
  18. A Lucky Escape
  19. A Place to Call Home
  20. A Dedicated Team
  21. A Crucial Message
  22. An Outstanding Contribution
  23. Very Dear Friends
  24. A Beautiful Relationship
  25. An Electric Connection
  26. Some Kind of Magic
  27. Humble Beginnings
  28. The Reliable Mr Darcy
  29. An Extraordinary Bond
  30. With Us at Every Step
  31. A Selfless Task
  32. Shared Journeys
  33. The Rainbow Bridge
  34. Striving for Change
  35. The Agony
  36. Australia’s First Guide Dog
  37. A Humbling Experience
  38. Just Puppies Being Puppies
  39. Henry: The Song in My Heart
  40. A  Guide Dogs Icon
  41. Heavenly Interaction
  42. The Best Start in Life
  43. A Very Long Journey
  44. Anything is Possible
  45. Graduation Day
  46. The Magic Moment
  47. In Memory of Joseph Finucane
  48. Pure Luck
  49. Making a Difference
  50. Just One of the Family
  51. An Unexpected Path
  52. A Breed of our Own
  53. Rock ‘n Roll Hound
  54. Recipe for a Puppy Raiser
  55. Whatever it Takes
  56. Expect the Unexpected
  57. Loving Then Letting Go
  58. A Passion for Changing Lives
  59. Reach for the Stars
  60. Everyday People
  61. The Jam Man
  62. The Happiest Years
  63. Helping People to Help Themselves
  64. A Great Honour